Android Security - An Introduction presented at Hacktivity 2012

by Antonio Somogyvari,

Tags: Security

Summary : Mobile platforms are on their way to become the most widespread computing platforms of the future. Compared to other popular consumer technologies such as telephones, TVs and home computers, mobile devices have one of the highest technology adaption rates. The extended use of these platforms leads to increasingly sensitive data that is stored and processed on the devices. Also, more and more business applications find their way to mobile platforms. Accordingly, security in this field gains very much in importance.
In our talk we focus on the Android platform. We briefly present the security architecture and security features of Android and focus specifically on software security and data security aspects. We also present some known vulnerabilities and conclude the talk with the demonstration of an attack.
The talk is targeted at people with some previous knowledge in computer security and software engineering but who are new to Android security.