What Makes the Analysis of Malware Like Duqu or Flame Different? presented at Hacktivity 2012

by Boldizsr Bencsth,

Tags: Security

Summary : "We, the CrySyS Lab participated in the analysis of two world-class
malware, we discovered Duqu and made the first detailed technical
analysis of Flame, too. I will show the work of the CrySyS Lab during
the analysis of Duqu and Flame. I will give details about the methodology and tools we used, and the management issues of the work.
As the two above mentioned pieces of malware mean milestone in the
history of technology, new requirements and problems appeared. I'll
especially try to show what makes a difference during the analysis work
from the analysis of other malware, what special knowledge, solutions
are needed, and how management of the issue should be executed for the
I will also talk about the problem of defining the goal of the analysis
and how the successs of that can be measured."