Metasploit Fundamental Elements - Course 1 presented at OWASP BASC 2012

by Roy Wattanasin,

Tags: Security

Summary : "Audience: This class is open to all
This 50-minute class will give students a basic understanding of what is Metasploit, some of the features it allows and examples of how it can be used. This includes Meterpreter basics, the MSF command line interface, MSF console, using exploits and payloads. One example exploit that may be shown is the MS08-067 vulnerability and maybe another one per the class's choosing, time-permitting. This class is in no way the full class and is designed to get you using Metasploit in the class's timeframe.
Students are expected to already have Metasploit installed on their laptops (Download at with VMWare Workstation (trial version or the full version) with Windows XP (trial version or full that is not patched) OS installed as well. There will be no technical support because of the limited class time and we will be on an internal class wired network. All notes will be made available.
Hardware and Software Requirements:
A. The recommended is at least 50GB+ of hardrive space
B. 4GB or more of RAM
C. The more horsepower (CPU) you have, the better for virtual machines
D. Metasploit installed
E. VMWare Workstation
F. Windows XP (unpatched) virtual machine"