Metasploit Continued - Course 2 presented at OWASP BASC 2012

by Roy Wattanasin,

Tags: Security

Summary : Audience: Students that have taken the fundamental elements class or students that have an understanding of Metasploit or have already used it
This 1-hour course will continue where the fundamental elements class left off. This will be a quick overview of some of the mostly used features of Metasploit including information gathering and vulnerability scanning. We may have time to go over some exploit development, defeating antivirus and/or meterpreter scripting. This class will not cover MSF post exploitation.
Students are expected to already have Metasploit installed on their laptops (Download at with VMWare Workstation (trial version or the full version) with Windows XP (trial version or full that is not patched) OS installed as well. There will be no technical support because of the limited class time and we will be on an internal class wired network. All notes will be made available.
Hardware and Software Requirements:
A. The recommended is at least 50GB+ of hardrive space
B. 4GB or more of RAM
C. The more horsepower (CPU) you have, the better for virtual machines
D. Metasploit installed
E. VMWare Workstation
F. Windows XP (unpatched) virtual machine