Putting The Tea Back Into CyberTerrorism presented at Blackhat USA 2003

by Roelof ( RT ) Temmingh (Paterva ), Haroon Meer (Thinkst), Charl van der Walt,

URL : http://www.blackhat.com/presentations/bh-federal-03/bh-fed-03-sensepost/bh-fed-03-sensepost.pdf

Summary : Many talks these days revolve around cyber terrorism and cyber warfare. Some experts suggest such attacks could be effective - others say that targetted country-wide cyberterrorism is just for the movies...or a Tom Clancy book. In this talk we look at very practical examples of possible approaches to Internet driven Cyber Warfare/Terrorism. The talk will include an online demo of a framework designed to perform closely focussed country-wide cyber attacks.