The Transformed and Transforming CISO presented at CISOBoston 2012

by Thornton May,

Tags: Security

Summary : Rather than calculating ROIs on security spending, Thornton May believes CISOs should be working to find ROUs (rest-of-us calibrations). Every year, millions of Americans go to work at nearly 13 million enterprises, and the vast majority do not routinely, if ever, think about information security. How can the security organization create a sense of shared consciousness and purpose regarding practicing secure information management with a multi-generational, mobilized, globalized, hypersocialized, omni-connected, time-squeezed and objective-obsessed workforce?
Thornton feels that security professionals have been miscategorized. Too often, the CISO role is ghettoized as enforcers who lock down assets. The emergent role of information security is to enable competitive differentiation and mission fulfillment. People and information are the new security perimeter and a transformed CISO is the path forward. CISOs operate in a behavioral casino. It is time they started counting the carbon-based cards.