Global Cyber Resilience The Science and Economies of Security presented at CISOBoston 2012

by Phyllis Schneck,

Summary : Cyber criminals have a great profit model. Low barriers to entry, large rewards and little chance of attribution provide incredible margins in the business of cybercrime. The cyber adversary has no competitive, business, international, legal or intellectual property boundaries to combining information and executing with complete agility. Truly effective cyber security helps provide resiliency across critical infrastructure sectors, economic stability and the reduction of this profit model. Join Dr. Phyllis Schneck as she shares how achieving global cyber resilience will help drive innovation and protect the freedoms that define our way of life.
Session discovery topics:
Beyond technology: readdressing cyber security as economic issue of risk mitigation and investment
Resilience through co-design of intelligent action
The necessity of a global policy initiative that enables data privacy and real-time situational awareness