Big Data Opportunity or Vulnerability? presented at CISOBoston 2012

by Jason Clark, John Mccormack,

Summary : Nothing gets the security industry in a frenzy like a good buzzword, and Big Data currently tops the list. There are numerous concerns to address in big-data security. These include the seven stages of advanced threats, protecting data beyond perimeters in mobile and social environments and using containment defenses to discern malicious attacks from legitimate activities and stop data theft. The secret to keeping your data secure is the threat model most relevant for properly protecting big data: how do you decide in real-time which network activities are malicious, given that they are often far outnumbered by legitimate activities?
Jason Clark and John McCormack will discuss todays sophisticated attacks, examine what makes them successful and focus on the necessary analytics to combat them.
Session discovery topics:
A working understanding of Big Data security
The seven stages of an advanced attack
Ways to apply this threat model to protect your Big Data