Enabling Your Business to Safely, Swiftly and Securely Use Cloud presented at CISOBoston 2012

by Rob Cryan, Punit Minocha,

Summary : "As a growing number of enterprises adopt cloud to improve business productivity, CISOs have to carefully balance the tradeoff between business agility demands from customers, partners and supply chains with ensuring security, compliance and managing overall company risk. In the promise of increased productivity, employees and partners see the value in using cloud any time, any place and any device.
Join this Executive Boardroom as moderator Punit Minocha and discussion leader Rob Cryan lead an open, peer-driven discussion on the challenges CISOs face in securing users for this new world of enterprise technology.
Discussion topics:
CISO's role in the business use of cloud based applications including evaluating and mitigating risk
How to mine user transactions to quickly identify gaps in security and ensure compliance with corporate policies
What risk can SSL content inspection mitigate in the cloud? What risks remain?"