Lessons for a Happy CIO/CISO Marriage presented at CISOPhoenix 2012

by Chris Filandro, Bob Frank, Kim Jones, Rich Owen,

Summary : It has been said that the CIOs job is to make things go; the CISOs job is to make things go securely. By design, a healthy tension between these two positions must exist at times to form a checks and balances arrangement. In most cases, these two roles overlap agreeably, but there are some CIO/CISO relationships that edge toward dysfunctional, putting the harmony of their organization at risk. CIO Chris Filandro and CISOs Bob Frank and Kim Jones, will share their CIO/CISO relationship experiences. Join this security executive discussion, moderated by Rich Owen, as the panelists share lessons on how to achieve an idyllic work dynamic, regardless of reporting structure. They will deconstruct this unique, critically important partnership to reveal what skills are needed to communicate, prioritize and work together, all while meeting the bottom line.