Biohacking: Why is my kitten glowing? presented at Kiwicon 2012

by Andrew Woodward,

Tags: Security

Summary : "Plants are awesome, so are mushrooms, even though they technically aren't plants. Bacteria and viruses are also cool. What if we could take the cool bits from one kingdom and mash them with the bits from another to make cool stuff (like glowing kittens!)? Well, a few years back some guys who had been working with too may mushrooms worked out a way that we can. Some call it genetic modification, others call it biohacking. Ultimately, everything has DNA at its core, so the possibilities are endless! Cats with horns!!! But how does it all work? How do we take bits from one animal (like cats), and combine them with bits from another (like goats)? This talk will explain the science behind biohacking, look at what type of gear you need, and explain why some cats glow like jellyfish."