The Mysterious Case Of The Shrinking Pentest Toolkit presented at Kiwicon 2012

by Andrew "lizardb0y" Stephen,

Tags: Security

Summary : Gordon Moore once said that "The complexity for minimum component costs has increased at a rate of roughly a factor of two per year..." We have no idea what that means, but since he said it we\'ve noticed that computers keep getting smaller, faster and cheaper. Over the past few years, we\'ve seen a lot of tiny, low power single board computers make their way into the hands of hobbyists - and hackers. Capable of running a mainstream OS and software - usually Linux - the potential for these devices as tools of hackery is wide and varied. Andrew will talk about some of things he\'s done with these diminutive devices, some of the commercially sold miniature hack tools, and will demo some of his own gadgets, including the OpenMoko FreeRunner, BeagleBoard and the recently famous Raspberry Pi.