in2securITy - What we did last year and other mad ideas <strike>for world domination</strike> presented at Kiwicon 2012

by Laura "ladynerd" Bell,

Tags: Security

Summary : Twelve months ago, Brett Moore lamented future of NZ security. "Oh where is the next generation" he cried (well he asked in his serious voice while drinking beer). Eleven months and three weeks ago, beer was consumed, the future discussed and ideas were laughed at. Eleven months, two weeks and six days ago, hangovers were nursed, realisations occurred and planning began. One website, 40 articles, 5 writers, 185 members, 18 mentoring pairs, 15 + videos and a 200 person national tour later... and we may have created something a little bit special. In this talk, Laura will showcase what in2securITy is, why it exists and what it has acheived in the past 12 months. If that isn\'t enough, she will also share the vision of in2securITy in the 12 months to come, what we will achieve for NZ, what we need to get there and why you won\'t want to miss a second of it.