OPSEC: Because Jail is for wuftpd presented at ZeroNights 2012

by The Grugq,

Tags: Security

Summary : Drawing on lessons gleaned from recent hacker indictments, research on surveillance, espionage and counter-intelligence, this talk focuses on practical operational security (OPSEC) measures to avoid detection and prevent arrest by Law Enforcement Officials. The target audience for this talk are hacktivists whose primary mission requires strong online anonymity in the face of intense scrutiny by well-funded antagonists. Starting with a review of OPSEC goals and moving onto methodologies, techniques and technologies, this presentation will enable the target audience to devise and implement robust OPSEC measures. Effective OPSEC requires combining strong technology solutions with disciplined cautious actions to minimize the exposure of protected information. The talk will enumerate OPSEC principles and techniques to deny protected information to LEO, and equip hacktivists with the tools necessary to successfully conduct online operations while avoiding capture.