DROID EXPLOITATION SAGA presented at Blackhat Abu Dhabi 2012

by Subho Halder, Aditya Gupta,

Tags: Android Attack

Summary : "In this talk, we will be discussing about the recent trends in Android Security Exploitation, as well as we will be carrying out all the possible attacks using a framework which we've designed called as Android Framework for Exploitation.
We will show how easy it could get to break into any Android Device, either using any exploit, or creating a malware using AFE. Also, in case the malware gets detected by any of the anti malwares, you 'll have the option to make it Fully Undetectable again and again, using the framework.
The things you would be able to steal with the help of AFE-created malwares, aren't limited to Contacts, Call Logs or Text messages, but you could also steal the application specific information (contained within the database files or saved using Content Providers).
We will be covering each topic with live demonstrations and will also discuss the case studies of vulnerabilities in some of the most popular android applications."