POWER ANALYSIS ATTACKS FOR CHEAPSKATES presented at Blackhat Abu Dhabi 2012

by "colin O'flynn",

Tags: Cryptography Attack Differential Power Analysis

Summary : Power analysis attacks present a devious method of cracking cryptographic systems. But looking at papers published in this field show that often the equipment used is fairly expensive: the typical oscilloscope used often have at least a 1 GSPS sampling rate, and then various probes and amplifiers also add to this cost. What is a poor researcher to do without such tools? This presentation will give a detailed description of how to setup a power analysis lab for a few hundred dollars, one that provides sufficient performance to attack real devices. It's based on some open-source hardware I developed, and is small enough to fit in your pocket. This will be demonstrated live against a microcontroller implementing AES, with details provided so attendees can duplicate the demonstration. This includes an open-hardware design for the capture board & open-source Python tools for doing the capture. Underlying theory behind side-channel attacks will be presented, giving attendees a complete picture of how such attacks work.