Business Innovation Through Security Intelligence presented at CISONewJersey 2012

by Roland Cloutier,

Tags: Security

Summary : Many organizations have focused security information on data warehouses as a mechanism to begin the process of utilizing security intelligence. However, we must begin to shift our thinking and look into understanding security from a platform and business perspective and to create proactive security architecture with a focus on prevention. Now, more than ever, it is imperative to develop a business context cybersecurity model where intelligence on how employees, customers and vendors/partners access the organizations applications and data can drive the identification of issues, risks and trends in the business environment. Roland Cloutier, VP and CSO of ADP, will explain that by breaking down the business processes and examining the external factors, organizations can build a business-driven security intelligence model that can provide resiliency, flexibility, agility and dynamic protection in constantly transforming enterprises and evolving threat landscapes.