Embed Privacy and Security by Design and Gain a Competitive Advantage presented at CISOToronto 2012

by Ann Cavoukian,

Tags: Security

Summary : The explosive growth of ICTs has forever altered our social and economic worlds, and how data-rich organizations operate within it. Trust and accountability for uses of personally identifiable information remain critical differentiators in this age of ubiquitous data availability. At the same time, organizations must navigate a growing patchwork of privacy laws, regulations and contractual obligations in a global environment. A more robust, proactive and systemic approach to effective information governance, risk management and compliance is needed for todays global realities. Enter Privacy by Design, a set of design principles that can be applied to technologies, business processes and networked infrastructure. Dr. Ann Cavoukian will set forth the case for adopting Privacy by Design through illustrative use case scenarios, and challenge participants to achieve positive-sum solutions (not zero-sum problems) to become market leaders.