Abusing routers for fun and profit presented at SecurityZone 2012

by Pedro "hkm" Joaquin, Paulino Calderon,

Summary : The importance of security in home based network devices has long been ignored. Home based routers represent a serious threat since all home-based traffic flows throught these devices. What happens when someone takes complete control of your home-based router? How common are these attacks? How difficult is it to take advantage of existing vulnerabilities in these devices?
Recently we did a study where we collected large number of HTTP banners to identify which ones were the most commonly router models used at homes. In this presentation we will show our results and will analize the actual security posture and the impact of existing vulnerabilities of the most popular devices.
We will conduct exploits of the most important vulnerabilities discovered. This include Zero-day vulnerabilities, backdoors, botnets and advanced blended threats.