The Hyperconnected World of Intelligent Devices: A New Era for Security presented at RSA USA 2013

by Philippe Courtot, John Pescatore,

Summary : "The hyperconnected world of intelligent devices is now today's reality. We live in a new era where everyone and everything is powered by devices that collect and process information with context from multiple areas to make decisions. This keynote examines the disruptions intelligent devices are having on the current security model based on identity and trust, and outlines the fundamental changes required to secure this new era."

Philippe Courtot: Philippe Courtot has a history of building innovative companies and transforming them into industry leaders. Philippe received the SC Magazine Editor's Award for bringing on demand technology to network security and for co-founding the CSO Interchange, a forum for sharing information in the security industry. Before Qualys, Philippe was the Chairman and CEO of Signio, President and CEO of Verity and President and CEO of cc:Mail. He holds a Masters Degree in Physics from the University of Paris.