Hackers get Schooled: Learning Lessons from Academia presented at Shmoocon 2013

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Tags: Security

URL : Bruce Potter, Matt Blaze, Chris Eagle, Invisigoth, Dave Marcus , Michael Schearer

Summary : "The contrast between the information security research performed in academia and that performed in the hacker community is often striking. Academic research is often thoroughly cited, based on prior work, but can be theoretical and of marginal practical use. The hacker community can perform awesome, cutting edge research but can totally ignore prior art and proper research procedures without any real penalty. This panel will examine how academic and hacker research really happens. We will try to separate the good from the bad in an effort to make our community more productive and increase the quality of our research.
This is not your ordinary plenary, however - we'll be moving through this discussion in a fun and fast paced fashion. Panel members will be put through their paces as we give them a quiz, test their drawing skills and put their answers to music. There might even be dancing.*
*Ok, maybe no dancing."