How To Own A Building: Exploiting the Physical World With Bacnet and the Bacnet Attack Framework presented at Shmoocon 2013

by Brad Bowers,

Tags: Security

Summary : The integration of computer technology to monitor the inner works of large office buildings, factories and plants has been evolving for years. These types of systems are often referred to as Building Automation or Building Management Systems (BMS). Companies uses these systems to monitor a myriad of sensors, gauges and alarms that provide statistics about equipment usage as well as inform technicians when a system is not functioning correctly. What use to be simple alerting has morphed into highly complex network enabled systems that provide complete operational control over such things as HVAC, elevators, electrical & water supply and even door locks and safety systems.
In this talk we’ll take a closer look at how these systems work as well as an Attacker’s view into the BacNET protocols. I’ll be introducing a new collection of tools that pentesters and system admins could use to help identify BacNET enabled systems as well as test their solvency against attack, spoofing and denial of service.