Running a CTF: Panel and Discussion on the Art of Hacker Gaming presented at Shmoocon 2013

by Branson Matheson, Jordan Wiens, Brett Thorson, Liam Randall, Tyler Nighswander,

Summary : "What makes a good Capture The Flag(CTF)? How hard is it to put one on? What things should you consider if you do it? Come meet the folks that know! Hacker gaming has become a major feature of most security conferences, large and small, as a draw for competitive types, but also for spectators to enjoy. Many different paths have been taken to make them more enjoyable for both groups. We're going to talk about the different aspects of Hacker Gaming: how to make a CTF, what the challenges are, how to score it, etc; and discuss the details of how each group has solved these challenges. The panel will have a pre-selected set of questions, and we'll solicit a few from the audience as well. We'll also have some cool stories about what worked, what didn't and some of the fun had at these events."