The Cloud - Storms On The Horizon presented at Shmoocon 2013

by Tyler Pitchford,

Tags: Security

Summary : At its heart, the “cloud”, as it’s so lovingly referred to, is really just shorthand for shared resources. The cloud is regularly touted as the answer to all of your IT woes, often invoking images of care-bears, marshmallows, and other such nirvanic images. But beyond the marketing pitches, and the oft-discussed technological concerns, there is a storm brewing. There are very real, and very serious, legal concerns lurking inside this brave new world of resource sharing. Sadly, it’s not just the global cloud that suffers from these concerns; even your own virtualized server is at risk.
Governments have been increasingly upping their rhetoric on cloud-based data, pushing for greater access than ever before. Do you own your data? Who else has access to your data? What happens when your co-mingled data ends up under a government investigation? And, beyond the global cloud, what is the real-world impact of a third-party subpoena showing up on your doorstep when you’ve virtualized your websites on a single physical server? This is our topic. We will discuss the current law, and the ways that you can legally and technologically.