Opening Keynote\t:Increasing Engagement and Performance at Rayonier presented at CISOFlorida 2013

by Mitch Walters,

Tags: Security

Summary : Five years ago, Rayonier’s new CEO agreed that the organization’s IT operating model, composed of eight decentralized organizations, was grossly inefficient and tasked Mitch Walters to consolidate. Facing significant resistance across the company, Walters and his IT team set out to organize a fragmented and unnecessarily redundant IT environment. Among the top challenges for Walters and his team was to unite, engage and motivate a siloed workforce. Over the course of four years, Walters and his team improved their performance and reputation within Rayonier, beginning with a group of disengaged employees and ending with a high performing, highly engaged workforce. Walters will share his story with Rayonier, detailing the characteristics that made this transformation so successful.