The Future of Corporate Computing – The Digital Enterprise presented at CISOFlorida 2013

by Gee Chow, Charlie Weston, Frank Diana,

Summary : Rapid advances in technology have made the illusive theories of corporate computing, set forth almost a decade ago, much more attainable. Changes such as systems that are knowledge based, adaptive and able to provide contextual information for fact-based decision-making are here; engagement with customers and partners becomes integral to a more holistic relationship management philosophy. The shift from information technology to business technology is quickly becoming the new modus operandi as business models adapt to capitalize on external drivers. But the challenges remain the same — shifts are rapid, the complexity of integrating systems is only increasing, and risk adverse cultures make it hard to initiate change. Where can CIOs start? Join this Executive Boardroom to learn how you can capitalize on the new digital enterprise.
Attendee participation is encouraged int his interactive discussion. Seating is limited and reserved for CIO and CISO attendees. Sponsor participation is limited to boardroom sponsor representatives only. To reserve your seat, please contact Denise Long at 503-972-2165 or