Street Smart Security – Securing the Mobile Enterprise presented at CISOFlorida 2013

by Kevin Beaver,

Tags: Security

Summary : Enterprises without mobile technology are virtually non-existent. One thing’s for sure though — whether or not management embraces mobile computing, it’s here to stay. This relatively new frontier for IT, however, is creating a slew of business risks that many people don’t understand or haven’t even thought about. In this Boardroom, noted author Kevin Beaver will moderate a discussion about mobile concerns, from devices to apps and beyond, that need to be on your short list of priorities. He’ll outline exploits CISOs can expect to see and commonly overlooked “gotchas” that, when addressed, can offer a ton of resilience.
Discussion topics:
Addressing common mobile security oversights
Tweaking your perspective on mobile devices and apps
Testing your own systems to fully understand what’s at stake
Getting visibility and buy-in needed to stay out of the trap of mobile security complacency
Attendee participation is encouraged int his interactive discussion. Seating is limited and reserved for CIO and CISO attendees. Sponsor participation is limited to boardroom sponsor representatives only. To reserve your seat, please contact Denise Long at 503-972-2165 or