A ‘State of the Union’ on the Threat Landscape presented at CISOFlorida 2013

by Patrick Gray,

Tags: Security

Summary : "The Internet threat landscape has shifted. What used to be a playground for hackers and other Internet miscreants is now a borderless abyss of organized crime fueled by financial gain and state sponsored forays into our critical infrastructures. Cisco Systems' Patrick Gray, a 20-year veteran of the FBI, will explore the current threat landscape by highlighting the newest cyber criminals and examining the latest tactics employed by these predators. Gray will address how organized criminal groups, collectives such as Anonymous, and state-sponsored actors interact with this new crime element utilizing Social Media, social engineering, advanced persistent threats and Malware to compromise networks world-wide both large and small. Gray will also discuss how we can prepare to stave off these relentless attacks in order to protect our critical infrastructures through technology, awareness and planning."