Make Cyber-Love, not Cyber-war presented at BSidesUK 2013

by Stephen Bonner,

Tags: Security

Summary : Before KPMG he was Group Head of Information Risk Management at Barclays.
He was inducted into the InfoSec “Hall of Fame” in 2010 and was number 1 on the SC/ISC2 ‘Most Influential 2010’ list.
Abstract: "As the second-highest-rated speaker last year, I'd like to think I could just write 'It's Stephen Bonner, vote for this talk and there will be chocolates and weird outfits' but I want to be the highest rated this year; so get ready for an extravaganza of Gaussian proportions as I reveal the past, present and future of cyber-war and what we can all do to protect and survive in the new code war."
The presenter says...
The level of difficulty of this talk is 3 and I consider it is suitable for Any Geek.
This is a new talk and I'm sorry but can't be filmed (only for those attending).