32. Pen Test Automation - Helping you get to the pub on time presented at BSidesUK 2013

by Rory Mccune,

Tags: Security

Summary : Rory holds the CREST Certified Application Testing consultant. He is the OWASP Scotland chapter leader and presents regularly on technical security topics including application development security and penetration testing.
Abstract: "Time is always tight in Pen Test, there\'s a load of things to check and not enough time to check them, and then there\'s the delights of writing it all up for the report. If you want to get home (or to the pub) on time, getting good at automation is vital, from one line hacks to multi-hundred line scripts, some lines of code can go a long way.
Tasks like parsing tool output and completing similar checks on large ranges of hosts are classic opportunities to save time and find important information quickly.
This talk aims to look at how to approach some common test automation tasks and make scripts that\'ll stand the test of time."
The presenter says...
The level of difficulty of this talk is 3 and I consider it is suitable for Techies.
This is a new talk and it can be filmed and released.