Penetration testing from a Hot Tub Time Machine presented at Hackcon 2013

by Eric Smith,

Tags: Security

URL : "But the basics that served as such a solid foundation and development platform back then still provides reliable pathways to privileged access in nearly every business in today's world."

Summary : This talk will not only serve as a nostalgic flashback to those great times but also demonstrate real world attack techniques that work on practically every engagement that we conduct, show why the basics will still get a corporation owned at multiple levels, and illustrate methods of attack that many may think is a lost art or unnecessary. So, put away those 0-days, detach yourself from automated toolsets, step outside of those hypothetical testing chambers, roll up your sleeves and see what attacks from the trenches REALLY looks like.
The presentation will be held by Eric Smith. Eric specializes in penetration testing with over 14 years of experience in the IT/IS industry. Eric is well versed in a variety of Risk Assessment services and has extensive experience in network and application penetration testing, insider threat assessments, Social Engineering, physical security and Red Team engagements. When Eric isn?t compromising large scale, heavily protected fortresses, he enjoys long walks through the dark jungles in search of unicorns, horseshoes and hidden treasures that many claim to be "suicide missions". Twitter: @InfoSecMafia.