Papparazi Over IP presented at HITBSecConf Amsterdam 2013

by Daniel Mende,

Tags: Security

Summary : Almost every recent higher class DSLR camera features multiple and complex access technologies. For example, CANON’s new flagship features IP connectivity both wired via 802.3 and wireless via 802.11. All big vendors are pushing these features to the market and advertise them as realtime image transfer to the cloud. We have taken a look at the layer 2 and 3 implementations in the CamOS and the services running upon those.
Not only did we discover weak plaintext protocols used in the communication, we’ve also been able to gain complete control of the camera, including modification of camera settings, file transfer and image live stream. So in the end the “upload to the clouds” feature resulted in an image stealing Man-in-the-Imageflow. We will present the results of our research on cutting edge cameras, exploit the weaknesses in a live demo and release a tool after the presentation.

Daniel Mende: Daniel and Enno are long time network geeks who love to explore network devices & protocols and to break flawed ones.