System Shock: The Shodan Computer Search Engine presented at HITBSecConf Amsterdam 2013

by Dan Tentler,

Tags: Security

Summary : Heard of the Shodan Computer Search Engine? This young project scans the Internet IPv4 space, collects banners from exposed systems’ services, and places them in a searchable database. The impact of Shodan over the past few years is significant, with multiple DHS ICS-CERT advisories on exposed systems, several hacker conference talks, and valuable integration into other tools like Metasploit.
In this talk, we cover Shodan’s capabilities, the API and a special focus on some of the scariest and sp00kiest devices discovered on the Internet including: SCADA systems, traffic lights, lawful intercept CALEA (Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act), giant mining trucks, TV station antennas, gasoline pumps, crematoriums and more!
Expect an eye-opening talk where you’ll learn about a powerful tool to see your own network in a new light which can also be used as for awareness and metrics in your organization.