"The Sandbox difference or how an integration feature impacts on the sandbox", presented at AthCON 2013

by Yury Chemerkin,

Tags: Security

Summary : "My research highlights the security opportunity and problems raised by BlackBerry features relied on highest possible way of integration and aggregation with data, service and application to simplify management. BlackBerry application environment is enough for business or personal use and filled with almost all of useful applications developed by RIM or DataViz. Such way integration shapes developer's outlook as well as malware writer's outlook leads to methods to bypass security solutions, especially when consumer has a BIS-device or BES-device but with flexible IT Policy. Moreover, additional 3rd party security solutions often ruin security at whole. The new BlackBerry devices are QNX-based and have the most known technologies. However, they have a poor application environment and a little native features were known on non-QNX BlackBerry device. This research examines and highlights a range of issues referred to the incorrect approach to the security techniques development. It draws security management level of inefficiency outside isolated environment as well as old-attack techniques possibility of application for new BlackBerry device known as Playbook."