Third Party Vendor Assessment presented at CISOMinneapolis 2013

by Gary Eppinger, Jim Garrett, Laurie Smaldon,

Summary : Issues such as risk management, cybersecurity and access governance are becoming more critical in the world of information technology, and CISOs are looking to vendors for smarter, more cost-efficient solutions. As each company’s security profile matures, so do their expectations for the vendors hired to secure the integrity of shared information. For IT leaders, the bar for choosing a trusted partner is being raised.
Join moderator Laurie Smaldon in this Executive Boardroom as she leads a discussion focused on the new risk landscape. Learn how other CISOs assess the IT security and control programs of vendors, and how they are educating their business on the additional risks that these environments pose.
Due to the format of the Executive Boardroom session, there are a limited number of seats available. Seating priority will be given to CISOs. To reserve your seat, please contact Scott Smejkal at 503-972-4452, or Sponsor participation is limited to Boardroom sponsor attendees only.