Cyber Attackers – A Profile presented at CISOMinneapolis 2013

by Jarret Brachman,

Summary : If cybersecurity were a kung fu movie, the cyber attackers would be a band of ninjas: anonymous, skillfully trained, highly efficient and coming from all directions. For security leaders, the anonymity and inconstant profile of attackers makes preventive strategy hypothetical and more complex. As a researcher, specialist and federal advisor on counterterrorism, Jarret Brachman lives in the dark dealings of cyberwarfare, and in this unique session, he will survey the threat landscape and deliver profiles of foreign and domestic terrorism, ranging from online hacking classes to radical online forums focused on generating hatred for corporations. Join this session to delve into the mindset of attackers in order to uncover their motivations, priorities and goals. You stand a better chance of protecting your organization when you know where the ninjas are coming from.