Don’t Let a Good Breach Go to Waste presented at CISONewYork 2013

by Cathy Rees, Michael Higgins, Jim Butterworth,

Summary : Our ‘always on’ digital culture makes it hard for a breach to go unpublicized — the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal are no such exception to this environment. But the adage “waste not, want not” suggests that lessons can be shared — and learned — by all. Cathy Rees, Mike Higgins and moderator Jim Butterworth, will discuss lessons learned from their experience and the broader impact that recent breaches had in re-shaping their organization’s thought on everything they do. How are they thinking, anticipating, and positioning to be better prepared given the nature of these attacks? How has this impacted the organizational structure? After everything learned, how do we now examine the concept of vulnerability management?