Looking at the Future of Cyber Incident Response presented at CISONewYork 2013

by Michael Rossman, Mark Connelly, Peter Tran,

Summary : The escalation and sophistication of cyberattacks has a lot of people wondering just how safe information really is. The threat landscape has evolved in sophistication and complexity and CISOs are looking to quickly understand how this space is maturing. What kind of attacks are we seeing? How do we detect new behaviors based on current behaviors? What new competencies are emerging as a result of the maturing cyberattacks? Join this boardroom to discuss all these questions and more with Michael Rossman, Mark Connelly and Peter Tran.
Due to the format of the Executive Boardroom session, the number of available seats is limited. To reserve your seat, please contact Lindsey Geist at 503-972-4449 or lindsey.geist@evanta.com.