Maturity Security Profiles – Third Party Vendors and Protecting the Integrity of Your Organization presented at CISONewYork 2013

by Jonathan Bransky, Roy Post, Mark Lobel,

Summary : Security professionals are juggling an ever increasing number of service providers. Selecting the optimum vendors and successfully managing them is critical to every CISO. In this interactive boardroom, participants will engage in a group discussion on extending enterprise IT security to third party vendors. CISOs attending this executive boardroom should come prepared to discuss strategies and best practices on working with security vendors in our maturing risk landscape.
Discussion topics:
How do you navigate the challenge of multiple third party standards?
How much time should you invest reviewing your vendors and what is the quality of information being produced by your review?
How often should you review your vendors’ security controls?
How and to whom do you communicate the value of your third party vendor needing to have acceptable security during the procurement process?
Due to the format of the Executive Boardroom session, the number of available seats is limited. To reserve your seat, please contact Lindsey Geist at 503-972-4449 or