The New Era of CISO – Controversies and Opportunities presented at CISONewYork 2013

by George Antoniou, Thomas Dunbar,

Summary : The Model T is generally regarded as the first automobile affordable enough to open a world of travel to the common middle-class American. The CISO, like the Model T in its inception, is gaining influence, but just like the competitive market of the automobile industry, the role of the CISO has evolved to satisfy the wants and needs of a diverse market. With so many responsibilities, where is the role of the CISO headed, and what is the ultimate organizational position of the CISO? Participants of this boardroom discussion should come prepared to discuss the controversial role of the “future CISO.” Who should the CISO report to? Should the CISO completely move away from the technology role? Join this discussion to discuss how the CISO of the future can help design a system that will make better products and drive the business forward.
Due to the format of the Executive Boardroom session, the number of available seats is limited. To reserve your seat, please contact Lindsey Geist at 503-972-4449 or