[EN] Love letters to Frank Abagnale (Oh how I PWN thee let me count the ways) presented at Nuit 2013

by Jayson E. Street,

Tags: Security

Summary : "In previous talks I have talked about how I have used emails to gain entry into places I should not have been. In this talk I give an in depth explanation on how I use emails not just for phishing but to gather intel & make a way in. I will go over the steps to recon your target. To find important information to make sure the email is just believed but acted on in the way you desire.
Basically it's a the 3rd chapter in my social engineering physical compromise talks. I go in-depth & explain in detail how I research a target then craft emails that will 1. grant me entry into a location physically using a forged email. 2. how I craft a phishing email to increase the likelihood of someone clicking on the link 3. how I create dummy accounts to abuse a trust relationship of a target so they will click on the links I send them. I have not even put this to paper yet so far you guys are the only ones who have seen it"