Project Ubertooth: Building A Better Bluetooth Adapter presented at ShmooCon 2011

by Michael Ossmann,

Tags: Security Wireless Development


Summary : The off-the-shelf Bluetooth adapters didn't do what I wanted, so I built my own. This is the story of how someone with very little knowledge of electronics embarked on a project to build a 2.4 GHz wireless development platform and ultimately succeeded in creating a low cost device that can be used for Bluetooth sniffing and more. Find out how to build your own Ubertooth One, how to use it for Bluetooth experimentation and other things, and catch a glimpse of an exciting future of wireless security research enabled by open source hardware.

Michael Ossmann: Michael Ossmann is a wireless security researcher who has been obsessed with Bluetooth for much of the past three years. He founded Great Scott Gadgets in an effort to put new tools into the hands of smart people.