Friendly Competition: Mentoring Youth in InfoSec presented at BSideSLA 2013

by Alex Levsinson,

Summary : InfoSec is a small, close-nit community. We face many ethical and moral pressures on a daily basis and maintain a very vocal and passionate stance on a multitude of subjects. Our little bubble rarely gets penetrated by outsiders, and when it does, we usually are hesitant to engage, or accept new members. Just as great social leaders have passed tradition and values down to the next generation, it is only prudent we do our part as well. Youth security competitions have exploded the last few years across the nation. With the main goal of hiring new talent into a booming industry, competitors are put to the test in both offensive and defensive scenarios. This talk discusses the benefits and rewards of engaging the newcomers on their terms, and challenges which exist so we can improve communication and improve the value of InfoSec for the next generations.