Leveraging Intel From Hackers To Mitigate Risks presented at BSideSLA 2013

by Matt Johansen,

Summary : What can the IT security community learn from a ‘blackhat,’ who says he’s decided to go legit?
While many IT security professionals shy away from listening to anything from the dark side, much can be learned from knowing your adversary and what makes them tick. Learn insights into where your defense strategy might be at risk and what methods hackers are deploying to thwart current security measures. We will also cover how this attack information is used to build defense strategies.
We’ll discuss the following aspects:
1. What motivates hackers
2. Gain insight to devise better solutions or to abandon failed technologies
3. What attacks are really being used in the wild
4. How the hacker mind sees the world
5. How security researchers leverage this attack intel
6. Tracking attacks and deploying protection strategies