Decrypting DEFCON: Foundations Behind Some of the Games Hackers Play presented at DEFCON 2013

by Lost ,

Summary : Continuing on his 101 talk from last year (building a foundational knowledge, or at least where to start doing so), LostboY will discuss the crypto, puzzles, and tech that is seen all over Defcon each year. The floors, signs, program, lanyards, badges all have elements of mystery to them each year, and LosT will discuss the foundational knowledge/skills that were requisite in years past. The 4-bit processor that was drawn out on the floors last year will be discussed as a foundation on understanding how a processor works. (Everyone says they know a processor uses binary, but how many actually *know* what that means, or how to build one?) Fundamentals of digital logic design seem like a good next step from last year's talk. LosT will likely wax philosophical at some point as well.