The Cavalry Isn't Coming: Starting the Revolution to Fsck it All! presented at DEFCON 2013

by Nicholas J. Percoco, Joshua Corman,

Summary : We have some good news and some bad news. The good news is that security is now top of mind for the people of planet Earth. The bad news is that their security illiteracy has lead to very dangerous precedents and this is likely just the beginning. The reactionary stances taken by the hacker community has induced burnout and fatigue with many of us watching our own demise. We're here to help us all hit rock bottom in the pursuit of something better. At some point the pain of maintaining inertia will exceed the pain of making changes, so it is time for some uncomfortable experimentation. While it may be overwhelming to think about, this is what we do. We hack systems. Finding flaws in the digital world comes naturally to us. We can and must do the same to the physical world; the media, governments, and lawmakers in order to survive the next decade. Let's get started.