"WH-2A"Anti-Tracking Support Platform: Design & Improvement presented at XFocus 2013

by L.neteagle ,

Summary : In recent years, some countries, organizations and commercial companies constantly accused China of "frequently launching APT attack". The so-called "attack proof" seriously damaged China's national image, so we came out today, hope to let everyone know: Relying on strictly-designed anonymous communication networks, any country or individual who launches cyber attacks can hide in the mass of normal traffic, almost impossible to intercept, monitor and trace. The "attack evidence" obtained under the existing technical means may not point to the true hacker; it could be anyone who is behind the platform, and we should not just to let China be the only scapegoat. "WH-2A" Anti-tracking Support Platform is a heterogeneous-multi-botnet based anonymous communication networks of high availability, high scalability, high survivability characteristics; it is designed to support various identity-sensitive network operations; The platform was specially designed to defend malicious creeping infiltration, sybil attack, index/peer-list poisoning, traffic analysis and timing attacks, packet label with watermark attacks and other threats; Furthermore, we also did some useful exploration on the "anti-blocking access", "anti-monitoring & anti-interception", "on-demand routing " and " invulnerability evolution ", etc.