Analysis of 3D printing security attacks presented at XFocus 2013

by Xiao Zi Hang,

Summary : Recently two years, 3D printing technology has caused widespread concern. With emergence of the hardware and software open source solutions,makers'movement and constant improvement of industrial chain,3D printing will have a far-reaching influence of manufacturing industry and personal life. This is the first topic of 3D printing technology security in the whole world. We will introduce mechanical and electrical structure,hardware design, software tool chain, industry ecology and application scenarios of 3D printing and 3D printer. We will dissect the three-dimensional modeling, rapid prototyping technology and file structure, instruction format, operating environment and processes of its related. We will analyze the security vulnerabilities of 3D printing technology and the actual impact of being attacked. We will also discuss on 3D printer itself and attack ideas, attack methods and attack possibilities of 3D printouts, and to explore the technical difficulties of achieving these attacks.