Cash is King: Who’s Wearing Your Crown? presented at DerbyCon 2013

by Tom Eston, Spencer Mcintyre,

Summary : Show me the money. If hackers were able to manipulate the world’s accounting systems, governments and corporations would be in a frenzy. Guess what? Hackers can…and will. In this presentation we describe manipulating the major financial accounting systems used by corporations large and small to show the importance of good Information Security and Accounting controls. In this talk we identify ways to manipulate accounting systems for financial gain demonstrating mass accounting systems fraud. Through our research we will demonstrate multiple ways to manipulate accounting data and misappropriate funds. We will also show information security and accounting controls needed to detect these types of advanced attacks. Tom and Spencer will be releasing and demonstrating new PoC malware and a Metasploit meterpreter extension that targets Microsoft Dynamics GP, one of the most popular accounting systems in the world.