Ahí va el Capitán Beto por el espacio presented at ekoparty 2013

by Gera Richarte,

Summary : In English? alright. During 2012 a team of mostly Argentinean security experts and engineers set out to design and build a 2kg satellite which was finished in one year. Not so sure how it will work, but with huge expectations, the Capitan Beto was launched into Low Earth Orbit on April 26th of this year. The beast (some like to call it baby) is still happily going round and round and beeping its signals to the world. In the talk we'll talk about what we've done and how we've done it. What challenges we faced, and what rules from the space industry we bended to be able to put it out in a year with a small team of incredible people. We've also talk about some interesting technical problems, and hopefully be ready to release some of its parts as opensource (hardware and/or software). If possible we'll connect to the ground station via internet and operate the satellite in realtime. The satellite only passses a few times a day, and not always in a good position to command, so it may not be possible. However, we'll still connect to the GS and show how it looks like, so anybody can build their own at home (really)